Bilingual Wedding Ceremony

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We love uniting families and their different cultures in our bilingual wedding ceremonies.

What does „From Philosophy with Love“ stand for? From our interest in language and literature, human encounters and friendships we developed the desire to unite different aspects of our abilities and skills. Inspired by the different phases and trends of academic philosophy that we explored during our studies, we were able to train our sense of language and communication as well as strengthen our freedom of thought that allows us to question traditions and to be curious and tolerant with regard to various life plans. Based on this we create unforgettable, non-theological wedding ceremonies and wedding speeches (orations) with love.

We are a team of independent wedding speakers connected by our academic study of philosophy and deep love for the love stories of our wedding couples. We offer you a unique experience through our professional qualifications. With us as your wedding orators you will not receive any everyday sentences. Rather, each sentence, each line is carefully constructed and tailored to you as a couple and your story.

Who are the people behind "From Philosophy With Love"?

Philosophy Love was founded in September 2015 by Ines Würthenberger in Düsseldorf. Our team consists of seven people, each with their own personality and approach to philosophy: Henning Konetzke (Düsseldorf), Lea Melle (Berlin), Luisa Kiskemper (Osnabrück), Alessa Brings (Hamburg), Lia Palsbröcker (Usedom), Signe-Lou (Köln), Judith Rauwald (Berlin) and Jasmin El-Assil (Düsseldorf). Everyone in our team has different qualities and individual writing and speaking styles. However, the most important part of our work is our individual connection and our bond of trust with you, our bridal couples. 

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Die freie Trauung mit Philosophy Love
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What are our strengths?

We are modern, empathic, qualified and a little zany. And it is this mixture that makes our ceremonies so special. Regardless of gender, age, religion, how long the list of your loved ones is or with how many people you live and love: we capture every significant moment of your life together. With much emotion, we give you the opportunity to share your laughter and tears (of course mostly tears of joy) with your guests, friends and families and celebrate your love on this special day in your life. 

Our Services

  • Meetings and telephone calls with you and your loved ones (family, friends, bridesmaids, maid of honor, best man, …)
  • Guidance in writing marriage vows or dinner speeches for marriage witnesses or the parents of the bride and groom
  • A visit to the wedding location
  • Advice for musicians and other service providers 
  • The planning and execution of unique rituals individually created for you and your wedding (e.g. an act symbolizing the history of your couple)
  • Writing the wedding speech (oration)
  • The execution of your personal wedding ceremony

Price for a bilingual Wedding

Price: 1690,00€*
* Final price plus travel costs for min. 50 similar hours. Concerning the small business regulation of §19 (1) UStG, we do not report any sales tax.

The trip to your wedding location costs €0.95 per kilometre. The trip to your consultation will also be charged at €0.95 per kilometre if you live more than 10 kilometres from the city of the wedding speaker.

Lea Melle

Lea Melle

Philosopher and Orator from Berlin.

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with Love

Wir sind Geistenwissenschaftler*innen
und Redner*innen aus Düsseldorf, Hamburg,
Köln, Osnabrück und Berlin.

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with Love

Wir sind Geistenwissenschaftler*innen
und Redner*innen aus Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Köln, Osnabrück, Usedom und Berlin.


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© From Philosophy With Love 2022. All Rights Reserved

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